Green Smoothies Green SmoothieMany people have heard of green smoothies now but a very special Thermomix customer (AKA my Mum) is getting her Thermomix delivered tomorrow and wants to start having green smoothies with breakfast. So I promised a blog post about these amazing smoothies full of green goodness.

I started making green smoothies close to ten months ago and love them so much that we have them with breakfast everyday. My son loves them and some days it’s the only way to be sure he is eating any greens at all.
An ideal green smoothie consists of 60% fresh organic fruit and 40% raw leafy vegetables. This is the optimum combination of sugar and nutrients that your body requires. It’s easy to digest and the sweet flavour of fruit neutralises the bitter taste of raw greens. Most people don’t eat enough green leafy vegetables but it’s so easy in a smoothie and so much tastier too!

All fruit and vegetables should be organic as greens especially soak up pesticides easily and need to be washed very thoroughly if bought conventionally. Although you are much better off buying non-organic greens than no greens at all! Here is my basic recipe that I usually stick to and vary depending on fruits in season and occasionally toss in extras like ginger, coconut oil or spirulina.

1 organic granny smith apple, orange or pears
1 large bunch of kale, lettuce, baby spinach or silverbeet
1 handful of sprouts (normally broccoli, sunflower or radish)
200ml filtered water

Add the fruit to the Thermomix or blender. If using a TM blend for 2-3 seconds on speed 9.
Add the green leafy vegetables and blend for 2-3 seconds on speed 9.
Add water and blend for 1 minute on speed 9.


Google ‘Green Smoothies’ and you’ll find so many different combinations but if you’re just starting out one of the best combinations is banana and lettuce or apple and kale. These are seriously additive! Once you start drinking green smoothies and feeling the amazing health benefits your day won’t be the same without them!

The following link from The Healthy Home Economist explains why eating raw leafy greens may not be ideal and should be cooked. This is information I’ve only discovered recently and something I’m looking into now and researching. I’m starting to believe that the occasional raw kale or spinach poses no health risks but it may not be best if you’re consuming green smoothies on a daily basis and may be best to use salad greens like lettuce instead. It’s so frustrating when you think you’re eating something really healthy and nourishing and then find out that it actually poses health risks. There’s so much contradicting information; you can only research yourself and make up your mind about what’s best for you and your family based on the information you have.